The story behind the company

In 2010, I started a career as an ambulance driver, what a great experience it was. A fantastic job, but oh so difficult. Being faced with THE reality, the one we didn't suspect existed, is a little destabilizing. We face this reality, we toughen up and we tell ourselves that we are making a difference. So I continued on my little path for a few years. Then my first son Elliot made his place in our lives and his little brother Charlie followed and then my heart softened.

Children, you know, change a life, but they also change our perception of the world, of our deep values. Our children become the axis of the earth. Everything revolves around them and our instinct wants at all costs to keep them away from all danger, to protect them, even at the risk of our lives as mothers. I'm lucky, I'm quite well trained in first aid knowledge thanks to my professional background. I know what to do if my child chokes, breaks their arm, or finds them unconscious in the pool. I also know that unfortunately, still too few parents can intervene if necessary and that's what we want to change!

La Petite Trousse is there with the aim of raising awareness and, above all, equipping the children's family environment with knowledge and essential equipment for their safety. I have the deep conviction that together, we can save more lives!

See you soon,


  • The experience that makes the difference...

    We are proud to create unique products that reflect my journey as a Paramedic and my role as a mom. Inspired by my professional and personal experiences, we offer a range of products designed to meet your daily needs, in a practical and aesthetic way. Discover our unique collection and let us accompany you in your parenting adventure.