Prenez garde au végétaux dangereux !

Beware of dangerous plants!

All these wonders that we find in nature are often so beautiful and attractive… But be careful of toxic outdoor plants and shrubs!

We go exploring as a family, Yay ! Your child has a blast has pick flowers to make her mother happy. Your baby has a stubborn tendency has put everything in your mouth... Be careful of plants dangerous.

It's time to educate yourself on common plants which may have an impact on the health humans. Certain plants , here At Quebec , may have an impact on the health of the human. It's time to educate yourself on these perennial plants which sometimes grow in abundance close from our home. I made you a list of the 5 that caught my attention the most. But there are several others. Here we go for my top 5! Scroll has right on my photos to see the images of these unwanted.

1: Poison ivy is very widespread At Quebec . Everyone knows it, but not everyone knows how to recognize it. There sap grass has chip contains an allergen that causes very painful rashes And lesions skin .

poison ivy

2: The Dioecious Nettle grows throughout Canada. This plant contains toxins that cause burning, itching, numbness , swelling and painful rashes .


3 : Hemlock is one of the most toxic plants in America. It contains a toxin, which if ingested , even in small quantities , attacks the nervous system and can cause convulsions and even death. (I saw one just this morning near my house! )


4 : Hogweed whose sap contains toxins which can cause burns and blisters. On contact with the eyes, it can cause temporary or even permanent blindness .

giant hogweed

5 : The Canadian bloodworm produces a toxic sap . If an animal has the bad idea of ​​ingesting it, it could kill it. For humans, if its sap comes into contact with the skin, it can cause serious lesions .

The bloodthirsty of Canada

So ! You will understand that this list is non-exhaustive. Take the time to observe the plants around you and be careful with those that seem suspicious to you!

I wish you a wonderful summer and happy hikes with your family!

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