Nos amies les plantes toxiques

Our friends, toxic plants

Did you know that some houseplants are toxic to humans? Okay, I know you probably don't put it in your salads, but you know sometimes our wonderful children have funny ideas. I tell myself that if my son is capable of stuffing his face in dog food, I think a pretty green leaf doesn't scare him!

In fact, the majority of plants present some toxicity at different levels. Sometimes the danger is in the sap, sometimes in the leaves or bark. Here, I have chosen 3 plants that are commonly found in our homes, but remember that several other species can be toxic to humans and animals!

I am personally a plant lover and with the arrival of my children, there was no question of throwing all my precious friends in the trash! The first step is to find out about the species of plant that we have chosen to decorate our interior. If some of them present a danger, 2 options are available to you. Get rid of it, or simply relocate it outside of carrying it for curious babies! One day, I guarantee you, your child will stop wanting to eat everything that is inedible!

Small top 3!


aloe plant

We all know the benefits of the gel inside this wonderful plant. But be aware that if the leaf and stem are ingested it can have a very unpleasant laxative effect and an inflammatory effect on the kidneys. Avoid for snacking!

Common ivy

ivy plant

Many Quebec houses are embellished by our friend Ivy. It is a beautiful plant, it droops elegantly and in several shades of green. Jooooliiiieee, but very nasty if you bite it! Simple contact with the skin can cause inflammation, but even more serious, if it is consumed, here are the symptoms that may be observed:

- Burning sensation in the throat, significant vomiting, difficulty breathing and even coma… Of course, the quantity consumed influences the severity of the reaction.

Croton or Codier

She's cute, isn't she? The bark and leaves, if chewed, can cause a burn or irritation of the mucous membrane of the mouth... Not dangerous for life, but very unpleasant for a little one! Keep out of reach of your adventurers.

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