Les essentiels dans la pharmacie d’un parent

The essentials in a parent's medicine cabinet

In my pharmacy, I put…

It is very likely that before becoming a parent your pharmacy contained a jar of Advil to survive your drunken wakes and…. uh... that 's all... I am right ?! When you become a parent, you realize that it is time to stock up on this meager pharmacy. Because you know as much as I do, a child doesn't always choose the right time to have a painful teething, "graze" his knee on the asphalt or have a small allergic reaction. You make the mistake of not being equipped even once because at 10 p.m., when your child has a sudden bout of fever and he doesn't “ feel ” at all, and the pharmacy is closed, you resent not having Acetaminophen at hand !
So here is the list (not limited) which in my opinion is essential to have in your informed parent's medicine cabinet! :

Acetaminophen ( e.g .: Tylenol , Tempra )
Ibuprofen ( e.g .: Advil)
Antihistamine ( e.g .: Benadryl )
Electrolyte drink ( e.g .: Pedialyte . I like the powder alternative in small individual sachets and the MR. Freeze always ready to frozen )
Anti-nausea ( e.g .: Gravol )
Everything you need for nasal showers (Ex. Sinus rinse )
Tool for administering syrups such as a syringe and measuring cup
Hot and cold compress like a magic bag, a Icepack or an instant cold compress
Thermometer (ideally 2, one oral and one rectal, or just 1 if you live dangerously)
A well-stocked first aid kit
The number of the poison control center.

For me, these are the essentials to have in our pharmacy for informed parents. With this on hand, you should be ready to survive the next baby bug! 

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