Here are some serious and/or unusual facts about choking! :

-Slapping the back of a person who is EVERYWHERE with a foreign body in their mouth could make the situation worse by pushing the object or food down into the airway.

-Getting a choking person to raise their arms in the air has not been proven. Use a recognized effective method instead 😉

-The majority of upper airway obstructions occur in the oropharynx. (the area behind the tongue)

-Talking and laughing while eating increases the risk of choking.

-For reasons of physical development, children under the age of three are the most vulnerable to mechanical airway obstruction.

-Latex balloons are involved in a high proportion of choking cases.

-According to an expert opinion in the United States, if an object is small enough to fit inside a toilet paper roll, it is a choking hazard.

And did you know?

✨Knowing life-saving skills can make a difference!

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