The security summit!


Did you know that almost all dangerous accidents occur in the home?

Attend our FREE summit and make a safer environment for your family!

The security summit!


Did you know that almost all dangerous accidents occur in the home?

Attend our FREE summit and make a safer environment for your family!

The event will take place from May 8 to 12, 2023








What to expect at the summit



with valuable content.

GUEST EXPERTS who will share their experiences with you.


on various relevant and entertaining topics!

with other parents about your fears and experiences



essential for a safe everyday life.


The mission of the summit

The goal of the summit is to offer prevention content to equip parents and family members to avoid incidents in their daily lives. Here, we get informed and we take one more step towards the safety of our children.


The vision

I firmly believe that all adults around children have a role to play in their safety and that they have the ability to avoid the worst more than anyone else. Together we learn to make a difference!

The conferences

The guest experts and I will share our knowledge and expertise with you in 6 lectures of about 1 hour each. High-value events not to be missed!

The conferences will be held on the Facebook page of the event and you will receive a calendar with the dates of each.

Here is an overview of the conferences you will be able to see at the Summit. (subject to change)




Choking prevention

Choking causes anxiety for many parents. With our guest expert, we will give you tips on how to prevent choking at the table and in everyday life. A solution to feel more zen and above all, prevent the worst!

Guest: Cosette, from Nutritionists in Pediatrics


Safety in child care settings

When leaving your child at the daycare, it is important to feel confident. What are the responsibilities of child care settings in terms of safety and what are their limits? Our expert will share her experience with you, so you can ask the right question and validate certain information with your childcare environment.

Guest: Judithe, former childcare manager

Domestic prevention

80% of serious accidents occur in the home. Securing our child’s environment with simple means can prevent most of them! But where to start? This is what we will see during this conference.

Hosted by Geneviève, from La Petite Trousse

Safety in the car

In the car, it is important not to neglect anything for the safety of our little ones because an incident can happen very quickly. Our expert will give you tips on how to keep your child safe and how to adopt good habits during our walks.

Guest: Vanessa, Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician



Travel and vacations, be ready for anything!

Long live the vacations! Yes, but let’s not forget safety! What should you have on hand to be ready for anything and what behaviors should you adopt to ensure that your family getaways run smoothly and are successful? This is what we will discuss with our expert.

Guest: Jessica, La MAMAN ESCAPADE


Stress management, help your child better!

It is important to be good guides for our child, but it can be very difficult to help them manage their emotions under stress. Having professional tips can make all the difference in the support we offer our child!

Guest: Mélina, Social Worker

Facebook Lives

Throughout the week, you will be invited to participate in our lives on different topics. This is the time to learn, to exchange with other parents, to share your concerns or experiences and to ask your questions!





Attend live conferences or take advantage of the replay.

The summit will take place at 100% online. Come and participate live and ask your questions to the speakers or access the conference recording at your convenience for 2 weeks.

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