Terms and conditions of use

The advice of a physician should always prevail over the information contained in this document and videos. These are for information purposes only and not for diagnostic purposes. The physical assessment of an individual should always be prioritized when there is any doubt about their health status.

The creation of this document was done in collaboration with an external company, Alliance Santé 24/7, based on the knowledge of the writer, Shy-Anne Hickey, a nursing assistant. The Little Kit and 24/7 Health Alliance are in no way responsible for the decisions you make based on your understanding of the information in the document and videos. We cannot be held responsible for the misunderstanding of the concepts of the document due to the formulation of a sentence or the use of words that can lead to confusion, errors made during an intervention or the failure of maneuvers in real cases. Do not use the contents of the document for diagnostic purposes. Please refer to a health care professional at all times for a proper physical assessment to ensure proper follow-up and treatment.

This program is based on the latest standards determined by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of QC. These have no connection with this training.

While it is respectable to have at least a basic understanding of first aid, this virtual program is not a substitute for training with a qualified instructor and you will not receive official certification as a result of this workshop. It is strongly recommended that you validate the quality of your learning with one of them and deepen your knowledge by taking a training course at one of the suppliers near you.

Since first aid protocols are subject to frequent re-evaluation and potential changes to improve techniques and outcomes, it is your responsibility to keep your skills current and informed of potential changes in standards.

La Petite Trousse reserves the right to update its training content within 6 months of any changes in national guidelines.

The contents of this program and associated documents are the sole property of La petite trousse. It is not permitted to share, publish or use it for corporate training purposes without the consent of La petite trousse.

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