Involved parent!

Fill your knowledge kit with the First Aid and Health Care for Parents learning program.

Launching period !

Get an exclusive gift box with the purchase of the program. (details below)

Topics covered


Learn how to unblock a child from 0 to 8 years old

Cardiorespiratory arrest

Learn how to resuscitate a child victim of RTA

The injuries

Learn how to treat your child’s minor injuries


Understand and better manage your child’s fever

The allergic reaction

Learn to recognize and manage a severe allergic reaction.

Respiratory problems

Learn to recognize if your child has breathing difficulties.

Nasal hygiene

Understand the importance and master the method!

Daycare checklist

What medications can be brought in and what are the responsibilities of the child care facility.


The mission of the program

The mission of this online program is to enable you to recognize and treat emergencies at home. It will help you feel confident that you will know what to do if your child has a life-threatening emergency, gets sick or is injured! On the road to autonomy, prevention and safety for our children!

An incredible value

With this program I wanted to offer you quality in large quantities. With the collaboration of Alliance Santé 24/7, we have worked hard to cover all the topics we feel are essential for all parents. It is in all simplicity, in a popularized way that you will be able to familiarize yourself with these concepts.




More than 30 video capsules!

The teaching is done through short videos and everything is organized in a simple and effective way. Go through the flaps at your own pace!



8 documents to download!

+ A 70-page document on first aid

+ A 20-page document on global health

+ Checklists

+ A document for the family circle

+ Checklists

and more!



After each of the first aid components, validate that you have assimilated the material by taking a small test of competence. If you don’t get the result you want, just redo the failed subjects.

A support group

A Facebook group exclusive to the program participants is at your disposal, where you can ask your questions and share with other moms (or dads ;))

Introductory offer! For a limited time, receive a box of treasures at home!

By purchasing the program you will receive a box of products of an incredible value at home! Products related to the safety or well-being of the child to help you be master of every situation at home.

Monetary value of the box : 80$.



A small kit


Reference book paper version


2 syringes for nasal hygiene


Duo of magnetic plugs


A knowledge card

Only $250

We also offer you the option of two equal payments of $125!

A lifetime access to your content!

Because your children will grow up and your needs will change, you will have access to your program for life*! So check out the content that interests or concerns you now and enjoy the rest later!


*The term “Lifetime” refers to the life of the company or until the company redefines its occupations. Access guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years.

Make a difference in your home!

Because the safety and health of our children is not a game and it can be simple and enjoyable to learn how to rescue and care for your child, buy the program now!

Who are the professionals behind this project?

Geneviève, La Petite Trousse

Geneviève has been in charge of the first aid component of this program. She has many years of field experience in the ambulance field and is now instructor CPR. She has been teaching basic first aid to parents in Quebec for many years.

She believes that by equipping parents to react in an emergency, more children’s lives can be saved!

Shy-Anne and Judithe, from Alliance Santé 24/7

The girls have combined their expertise to concoct the Global Child Health component.

Shy-Anne is a licensed practical nurse and CPR trainer.

Judithe is a manager with over 20 years of experience. Including 10 years as an early childhood facility director.

Their business was born out of a passion to help, support and educate others.

Value participation

Justine, Nurse Clinician, cooperated in the revision of the documents to ensure the quality of the information provided.

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