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How to easily master the first aid skills that could save your child’s life?

It is not true that first aid training is only for health professionals.

It is possible to learn these concepts quickly as a parent…you who are often the first responder in an emergency!

Discover these 4 modules in the Safe Parent, Safe Child Program.

Module 1 - How to intervene if my child is choking? Everything you need to know about how to clear the airways of a child aged 0 to 8 years

Module 2 - How to intervene if my child loses consciousness? All about cardiopulmonary resuscitation of a child from 0 to 8 years old.

Module 3 - What to do if my child has an allergic reaction Everything to understand and manage the allergic reaction.

Module 4 - How to recognize and manage my child's injuries? All about the first basic care.


In addition to online training, get tools to download:

  • 78 page digital reference book
  • Printable reminder
  • Printable sheet: A successful 911 call
  • Checklist: Improving Home Safety
  • Checklist: Kit Essentials
  • Printable sheet: Important numbers to have on hand


You also get bonuses!

Bonus 1: A prevention guide for the child's entourage.

Bonus 2: Support via an exclusive Facebook group.

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