Hot or cold compress

Go from sadness to joy in a few seconds, with this magic compress to be put in the freezer or in the microwave, to relieve the small hurts of the everyday life. Soft and supple materials that offer more comfort to small injured people. No more frozen small bags and rigidice packs!


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These bags are simply magical, not only do they relieve pain, but they also do an incredible psychological job on the children. Simply present one to your injured child and the crying will stop instantly. Work on your child's independence by leaving the pads available for them. He will feel great managing his little hurts alone! Word of mouth from a mother of two daredevils. Use it hot for stomach aches and soreness or cold for bruises, minor head bumps and other minor injuries.

Directions for use:

  • If using in the microwave, heat in 10 second intervals and no more than 30 seconds total.
  • For cold use, place in freezer 30 minutes before use or store in refrigerator.
  • Avoid going from cold to hot without first tempering the compress.
  • Avoid storing in the freezer at any time, as this reduces the strength of the material.

The format of 12 x 12 cm, is ideal for the small hands of our children.

The pad is made of non-toxic, non-caustic gel beads that tolerate freezing and heat. The cover is made here in Quebec with soft 100% cotton.

*Do not leave the compress unattended by an infant or young child. Do not use as a teething toy. Do not put in the mouth or chew the compress. Choking or suffocation hazard.

Cover made in Quebec
Compresses made in China
Material of the cover: 100% cotton (cover and label)
Pad materials: PVC and super absorbent polymer
Non-toxic and non-caustic materials. New materials only.
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