According to the Lifesaving Society, at the beginning of the summer, there will already be 21 drownings in Quebec in 2020! This is huge! To avoid the worst, several measures can be taken. Further down in this text, I list a few that I find essential for your family’s safety.

First of all, you should know that drowning is quick and often silent. In the movies, the victim screams, makes waves and loud splashes. In real life, it is quite different, the victim, especially the children, will fall and remain immersed under water. No screaming, no splashing. So no sound to alert you that something is wrong… In addition, the victim, depending on the position of his or her body when falling, could become disoriented and not know how to get back to the surface.

Here are some preventive measures:

1- Ensure constant and assiduous monitoring! Just being absent for 2 minutes or being inattentive is dangerous. If you telecommute, only allow your children to bathe when your attention is 100% dedicated to them. When gathering outside, make sure that someone is delegated to supervise the bathers at all times. Drownings often occur when more than one person is present. Everyone expects someone else to watch, with the end result that no one is really watching.

2- Make sure that the installations of your pool comply with the recommendations and the municipal by-law (e.g.: distances from machines, height of fences, etc.)

3- Do not leave anything in the yard that could be used by a child to climb into the pool. (a chair, a slide, a small car, etc.)

4- Fence your facilities and make sure you have an effective door locking system.

5- On the patio near the pool, don’t leave anything lying around that someone could trip over.

6- Do a lot of education with your children. Make sure they understand the dangers of swimming or being near a pool without supervision.

7- Choose the right floating aid for your child’s age (capsule to come)

8- Quickly teach your children to swim without floating aids. Knowing how to swim is the best way to avoid drowning.

Personally, this is my biggest fear during the summer months. My kids have endless imagination and I know there is no limit to their crazy ideas. So I vigorously apply all the points mentioned above and it helps to reduce my anxiety haha. So my last piece of advice, drop everything you’re doing, make yourself a glass of wine (or coffee if it’s morning…) sit on your lounge chair, and watch your kids while you relax! Not worse than that!?

Have a good swim!

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