The road is covered with snow, let the festival of the exits of road begin!

To avoid joining the ditch car party, the solution is simple, ADAPT YOUR DRIVING!

Step 1: Assess the climate you are facing? Big flakes that create a build-up on the road, rainy but cold weather that may bring ice to the ground, dry road but greatly diminished vision? Etc…

Step 2: Please relax! Driving with your shoulders to your ears, your face two inches from your steering wheel and your teeth clenched together won’t help you. On the contrary, being tense at the wheel can lead to jerky maneuvers and questionable decision making 😉

Step 3: A-DA-PTER your driving. Decrease your driving speed, increase your braking distance, keep a safe distance from other cars and if necessary (and if possible), postpone your trip!

These modifications to our usual driving habits can save us the inconvenience of waiting several hours for a tow, but can also prevent serious road accidents.

Small important point! We must not forget to consider our children’s winter clothes when we strap them into their seats. For a little demo on the subject, come see my Prevention Highligth on Instgram!

On that note, have a good trip!

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