In 2010, I started an ambulance career, I was 21 years old.

What a great experience it was and how proud I was! A fantastic job, but so difficult. Being faced with THE reality, the one that we didn’t even suspect existed, it destabilizes a bit. We face this reality, we toughen up and we tell ourselves that we make a difference. Day after day, exposed to these small and big dramas, we do what we have to do and, above all, we avoid putting ourselves in the shoes of the victim or of the person close to us who is experiencing this drama.

Because after all, it’s just a job, right?

I was young, I was running on adrenaline, but most of all, I was not a mom…

So I continued on my little path in my Paramedic boots for a few years.Then my first son Elliot came into our lives and his little brother Charlie followed.

And then my heart went soft…

Children, as you know, change a life, but they also change our perception of the world, our deepest values. Our children become the axis of the earth, everything revolves around them and our instinct is to keep them away from any danger at all costs, to protect them even at the risk of our lives as mothers.

That’s when avoiding projecting myself became impossible.

That’s when I really understood that life is precious and that it is hanging by a thread.

That these lives, those of my children, are the greatest and most precious of treasures and that I must preserve them at all costs. WHATEVER IT TAKES!

I’m lucky, I’m pretty well “greased” in first aid knowledge thanks to my professional background. I know what to do if my child chokes, breaks his arm or if I find him unconscious in the pool. (writing these last words makes me want to vomit…) Yes, I am lucky in a way.

But what if other moms thought like me?

What if they too had made a promise to their newborn child to always protect him or her from harm?

Would these moms, like me, have all the tools to do it?

Would they fail in their mission to keep them safe? Would they break their promise?

This is where I wanted to share. To share my experiences, and my knowledge so that more little lives can be preserved. So I launched my business, The Little Kit, to equip parents with the skills to save their children and make their homes safer.

Giving workshops and feeding my blog with tips and tricks for everyday safety is to offer other parents the chance to maybe save their child’s life during a life-threatening emergency. I believe that I am making a difference.

But sometimes it’s hard for me with my background to convince people that it’s important. That their reaction can make a real difference between the life and death of their child.

Because I know that it happens… And not only to others!

By not thinking about it, we protect ourselves, we allow ourselves to live better, to live more calmly. In my other life, I also ignored the dramas that happened to others.

We say to ourselves: “OMG! It’s so sad!

But we quickly forget because… it only happensto others!

But now that I know everything I know, I can’t ignore it anymore, I MUST share it with you!

I strongly believe that first aid should have the same importance as prenatal classes in the minds of future parents.

Because bringing a child into the world is wonderful, fantastic, magical, (And heu…. Difficult) but you still have to know how to keep it alive! No ?

But hey, the purpose of this text is not to scare you or to create anxiety there. Let’s not panic and keep calm;)

Yes, these things happen, but not often, HAPPENINGLY!

And keeping our children safe isn’t just about knowing how to de-clog or resuscitate. No… It is also to feed them, to give them hygiene care, to educate them to be careful and especially to love them, from the depths of our heart… And I’m sure you do it masterfully!

Thank you for reading and long life!

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Pictured is me and my first son, Elliot, when I returned from maternity leave in 2016.

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