About La Petite Trousse

A small local company, born out of a need to educate parents about safety.

La Petite Trousse is all about creating an environment where your family can evolve safely. Because we care about your children’s lives!

The company’s mission is to make learning life-saving techniques accessible and thus preserve more lives! By teaching families the basics of first aid, more Quebec homes will be safe for young children. Because no one is safe…

Our online first aid workshop service, at home and in our partner centers, is specially designed to adapt to the needs of our clientele and allow everyone to access these essential notions. It is also important for us to provide families with accessories, free tools to download and prevention articles on various topics. Our products always focus on the importance of a safe family environment.

What is a first aid workshop? Short courses to teach you how to react adequately in case of need. We cover a variety of topics such as: airway clearance, CPR, the use of an automatic external defibrillator and much more.  See the Online Workshop, Home Workshop or Partner Center Workshop tab for more details.

Hello, my name is Geneviève, I am the founder of La petite trousse and I would like to explain to you why this company was created.

In 2010, I started a career as an ambulance driver, what a great experience it was. A fantastic job, but so difficult. Being faced with THE reality, the one that we didn’t even suspect existed, it’s a bit destabilizing. You face this reality, you toughen up and you tell yourself that you make a difference. So I continued on my little path for a few years. Then my first son, Elliot, came into our lives and his little brother, Charlie, followed and my heart softened.

Children, as you know, change a life, but they also change our perception of the world, of our deepest values. Our children become the axis of the earth. Everything revolves around them and our instinct is to keep them away from danger at all costs, to protect them, even at the risk of our lives as mothers. So I decided to make a career change and only give first aid training.

I’m lucky, I’m pretty well versed in first aid knowledge thanks to my professional background. I know what to do if my child chokes, breaks his arm or if I find him unconscious in the pool (lord, just writing that makes me nauseous). Yes I am lucky, because I know from experience that these things happen. Giving these trainings is to offer the chance to other parents to maybe save their child in a life-threatening emergency.

I believe that by doing so, I am making a difference.

I have the deep conviction that first aid notions should have the same importance as prenatal courses in the minds of future parents.

I hope to see you soon!

Here at La Petite Trousse

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